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DFCG, the French network of CFOs and controllers, was established in 1964 and comprises finance professionals from various sectors, including private and public companies, academics, and management and finance consultants. It is open to finance and management students and young professionals aspiring to excel in the finance field. With over 3,000 members, DFCG represents approximately 1/3 of France’s GDP, with members from 1,800 companies. The network has its headquarters in Paris and 13 regional offices to facilitate local access for members. DFCG’s 
primary mission includes enhancing and promoting the competencies of its members through events, training, and publications. It also offers an extensive network for its members and actively engages internationally by collaborating with national CFO networks in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Furthermore, DFCG plays a crucial role in generating thought leadership and contributing to economic and social debates.

The network conducts various activities, such as organising discussion forums to provide cutting-edge knowledge and insights tailored to members’ interests. It forms committees to address technical questions and challenges related to finance functions, including ESG, digital transformation, RPA/AI, CFO in LBO, shared services, and outsourcing, and IT/IS financial systems. DFCG publishes a monthly magazine, “FINANCE & GESTION,” available in digital and print formats, and hosts conferences and large events like “Financium,” a two-day forum in November/December. Additionally, it offers access to about 100 training sessions each year.
Annually, during Financium, the National Congress, DFCG presents the “CFO of the Year Trophy” to outstanding financial professionals.
For more information, you can visit their website at www.dfcg.fr or contact Armand Angeli at armand.angeli@outlook.fr or via phone at +33 6 09 84 39 69.

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Founded in 2011 in the vibrant city of Prague, Czech Republic, Extelligence IT Services, and IT Consulting has emerged as a dynamic force in the realm of customized end-to-end information management solutions. Our growth, rooted in an organic evolution, has cultivated a diverse portfolio that extends across pivotal industries, notably pharmaceuticals, logistics, telecoms, finance, and healthcare. Boasting a dynamic and youthful team seamlessly operating throughout the region, we’ve successfully transformed into a highly regarded information security consultancy in Europe. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive services, spanning system architecture, security, cloud services, and program management. Emphasizing high-performance standards, we stay at the forefront by continually integrating new technologies and methodologies, ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their evolving needs.