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Harvinder Singh

Producer, Director & Owner

Forge a connection with Harvinder Singh, a seasoned advisor and catalyst, has transformed from a full-time journalist to a freelance trailblazer, specializing in crafting innovative themes for B2B international events. With over 13 years of mentorship, he plans to revolutionize the event industry through his own Future of BPO, Shared services, and GBS conference.

Future of BPO, Shared Services, and GBS” stands as an exemplar of global collaboration, meticulously conceived, and orchestrated by the visionary Harvinder Singh. With an unwavering passion for BPO, shared services, and GBS themes, Harvinder has birthed an initiative that transcends boundaries.

This conference is poised to revolutionise networking, serving as a platform to forge connections, exchange pioneering ideas, and establish authentic best practises. By uniting industry leaders, the event is set to establish unparalleled benchmarks, shaping the future of BPO, shared services, and GBS landscapes.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Harvinder Singh stands as a valuable resource in the realm of event creation and business advancement. Whether you’re seeking to explore fresh avenues, shape compelling event narratives, or enhance your event production strategies, Harvinder’s insights and guidance are at your disposal.

For inquiries, discussions, or to explore potential synergies, you can reach out to Harvinder Singh via phone at [00420-606177754] or drop him an email at [email address]. Don’t miss the chance to connect with a visionary leader who is driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the dynamic landscape of BPO, shared services, and GBS.