World-Class SPEAKERS' Spotlights


Nitin Bahl, a finance business partner at Stolt Tank Containers, has over 20 years of diverse experience in the BPO sector, specializing in finance and accounts, particularly in P2P and T&E processes. He has been a finance transformation consultant for AstraZeneca. Astelas, Mondelez, and DSM. His career includes roles as a business process improvement consultant, service delivery leader, and project manager at prestigious firms like FedEx, Genpact, and AstraZeneca. With extensive international exposure across Europe and the USA, Nitin is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Licensed Behavioral Trainer, enriching his professional repertoire with invaluable insights into human behavior and organizational dynamics.



Finance Business Partner, Stolt Tank Containers B.V., Netherlands

Alpar Toth

Director Global Process Owner Order-to-Cash Global Business Services



Alpar Toth is, an innovative business leader currently serving as Director of Global Order to Cash (OTC) at Pandora Global Business Services (GBS). With over 18 years of experience in finance operations and GBS, Alpar has a rich background. He has spearheaded over 20 transformation journeys across five different European countries. Beyond his stints in consulting and BPO, Alpar’s expertise lies primarily in the retail and e-commerce domains, with a keen focus on enhancing GBS capabilities through strategic alignment. Notably, he has successfully extended the scope of the GPO function beyond traditional GBS/Finance realms, end-to-end processes. This expansion has fortified GBS with additional operational strength.


Doug Shannon is an accomplished thought leader in intelligent automation with
over two decades of experience in IT. He has held important positions at firms like
Cisco, Chevron, E. & J. Gallo Winery, and PSI CRO AG as a Global Automation
Manager. Doug utilizes his expertise in enterprise robotic process automation, AI, and
agile project management to drive success. He is recognized as one of the top 50.
intelligent automation leaders globally. Currently, Doug serves as a Gartner peer.
Community Ambassador, a council member for VOCAL, and a member of Theia

Doug Shannon

Global Automation & Gen AI Leader

Automation Expert

Dmitar Bogoev

Global RTR Operational Excellence Leader, Cargill



Dimitar Bogoev leads Global R2R Operational Excellence at Cargill GBS Bulgaria.
leveraging over 13 years of finance and operations expertise. As Global Operational
Excellence Lead for R2R, he drives efficiency initiatives by collaborating with global
process management to standardize processes and eliminate waste. Previously at
Cargill, Dimitar optimized statutory reporting, reduced costs, and implemented global
governance models.   Dimitar’s commitment to streamlining processes,
implementing controls and fostering partnerships yield tangible results, driving
organizational success.


Emma Bint, Managing Director at High CI, is a seasoned global continuous
improvement leader with 17+ years of experience. Known for fostering cultures of
excellence, she excels in operational effectiveness, particularly in global shared
service settings.  As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Emma brings extensive knowledge.
and practical skills to her role. Holding a master’s in law and postgraduate
certificates in women’s leadership and management; she leads with vision and
transparency.  Emma inspires others to embrace continuous improvement.
empowering them to unlock their potential and drive positive change within their

Emma Bint

Managing Director

High CI Limited

Farid Basir

Farid Basir, Head of Global HR Service Transformation



Farid Basir, Head of Global HR Service Transformation at Novartis, spearheads the pivotal
initiatives shaping the future of HR. With over a decade in HR service delivery, he
excels in enhancing the employee experience, pushing boundaries, and
implementing transformative strategies for organizational efficiency. Instrumental in
executing impactful transformation programs, he established HR service delivery.
centers and COES, driving service improvements at scale. Farid specializes in HR services.
strategy, design, integration, and enhancing systems to meet evolving
organizational needs, solidifying his role as a passionate leader in HR service.


Gaurav Garg, Franklin Templeton’s Director of Global Payroll and Finance Shared
Services, is a technology-driven leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. He has
established leading global capability centers (GCCs) at top organizations. Gaurav
excels in driving strategic value and leading large, matrixed teams, overseeing cost-efficient, scalable global operations. Managing payroll across 39 countries, he
champions empowering businesses with best-in-class support and cutting-edge
technologies, consistently aiming for business excellence.

Gaurav Garg

Director, Global Payroll & Finance Shared Services

Franklin Templeton

Gabriela Stanakova

Senior Director, GBS Global Source to Pay Operations

Kimberly Clark


Gabriela Rosito Stanakova , Senior Director of GBS Global Source to Pay Operations at
Kimberly-Clark (K-C) since November 2022, brings over 21 years of expertise in
business services and supply chain management. Renowned for adept leadership,
she fosters diversity and authenticity, embracing agile methods and innovation.
Joining K-C in 2018 as Director of GBS EMEA, she played a vital role in the inception of
the Krakow Centre, overseeing talent acquisition and operational excellence.
Previously, at Mondelez International, Gabriela led procurement operations and
transformative initiative across Europe.


Hash Mahendran currently serves as the Global Process Owner at London Stock
Exchange Group, overseeing the Sales Compensation Division, which spans 60
countries and comprises more than 2,200 employees worldwide. Hash is an
accomplished leader who has amassed a wealth of experience in finance and
operations. He has held prominent roles involving OTC & PTP processes at Accenture,
BDO LLP, and Expedia Group. Hash’s portfolio showcases key roles in leading finance
strategies from startups to multi-billion-dollar international divisions. Additionally,
Hash sits on the board of trustees for one of London’s best-performing schools.

Hash Mahendran

Global Process Owner

London Stock Exchange Group

Hany Nassef

Founder & CEO



Hany Nassef, CEO & Founder of ExpertsMed and Urdu Commercial & Engineering
projects, is a transformative senior executive. With a successful track record in
healthcare across ECEMEA, Russia, Turkey, and CIS, he has driven double-digit
growth in emerging markets. As former head of Baxter International’s ECEMEA
region, he reversed declining market share, achieving $1 billion in projected revenue.
Known for strategic leadership and innovation, Nassef continues to shape global
healthcare’s future.


Izzat Khamidov represents IT Park Uzbekistan, an institution operating under the
Ministry of Digital Technologies. In this capacity, he leads initiatives to establish
Uzbekistan as a global outsourcing hub, emphasizing the country’s skilled,
multilingual workforce, favorable tax incentives, and government support tailored
for IT and BPO enterprises. Recognizing the potential of Uzbekistan’s global business
In the services (GBS) sector, Mr. Khamidov’s strategic efforts focus on highlighting the
cost-saving benefits and strategic importance of Uzbekistan’s demographic
advantage as Central Asia’s most populous nation, fostering a competitive
business environment.

Izzat khamidov

Head Manager of Exports Department

IT Park Uzbekistan

Marketa Cechman

Executive Director Shared Services & Operations



Marketa Cechman, Executive Director of Shared Services & Operations at ČSOB, is
lauded for driving innovation and operational efficiency while nurturing social
responsibility. Beyond her corporate role, she engages in philanthropy and mentors
young talents. Markéta’s leadership extends to personal development activities like
mountain hiking, biking, and yoga. She plays a pivotal role in ČSOB’s transformative
journey, marked by innovation, operational excellence, and social impact,
epitomizing inspirational leadership in banking.


Miguel Macias, Sandoz’s Global Head of P&O Operations, blends engineering and
finance expertise, holding a master’s from UANL-EGAII, Monterrey, Mexico. With a
stellar career spanning PepsiCo, Hewlett-Packard, and Novartis, his leadership
shines globally.  Certified in PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, ITIL, CPP, and Toastmaster,
Miguel fosters employee engagement through storytelling and mentors emerging
talents and champions Latino culture. A D&I ambassador, he advocates mindfulness at Sandoz and beyond. Based in Munich, Germany, Miguel treasures
family travels with wife Elizabeth and son Sebastian, enriching life with cherished experiences.

MIguel Macias

Global Head P&O


Paul Soare

VP Operations Healthcare & Life Sciences



Paul Soare currently spearheads Genpact, Romania, as VP Operations, Healthcare.
and life sciences. Paul has a proven track record of spearheading transformative
initiatives within critical sectors such as life sciences, telecom, tech/ecommerce,
and Manufacturing.  His professional journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of
transformation across a diverse range of domains, including finance, procurement,
Sales, Customer Care, Analytics, and Tech Services. Currently at Genpact, Paul
focuses on empowering clients through applied AI solutions to drive unparalleled


Piotr Glowacki, a global technology and finance leader with over 19 years of
achievements, is currently a senior manager at the Association of International
Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA and CIMA). Since joining in 2015, he has driven
the value proposition for key stakeholders in Central and Eastern Europe and the
Global Business Services (GBS) sector. A sought-after speaker on professional trends,
Piotr is passionate about the future of accounting, finance, and technology. Since
Since 2016, he has collaborated with the GBS sector, shaping talent agendas to enhance
organizational growth, trust, and value.

Piotr Glowacki

Senior Manager CEE & Europe


Rafal Gajda

VP Financial Services Lufthansa Group & Global Head of LGBS Finance & Delivery

Lufthansa Group Business Services


Rafal Gajda serves as Vice President of Financial Services at Lufthansa Group and
concurrently holds the role of Global Head of LGBS Finance and Delivery, overseeing
services across 40+ locations. As a board member, he offers strategic insights. With
prior experience in service delivery to key European markets, his expertise spans
innovation within Lufthansa Group’s GBS and Financial Services Division. Outside of
work, he enjoys sports with his wife and two children, whether amidst nature or
during global travels, balancing professional excellence with a fulfilling personal life.


Sudhir Kumar is managing global payroll operations at Nokia Business Services.
based in Hungary. With a business management background in human resources, a
master’s in psychology and certified Six Sigma champion, he has over 25 years of
HR expertise across telecom, software, BPO, and manufacturing sectors with prior
experience at Willis Towers Watson, Bharti Airtel. Sudhir has been establishing HR.
shared services in multiple geographies across Nokia, while the latest one has been
establishing a global payroll organization. A true believer in inculcating diversity and
inclusion in SSC, he has been focusing on HR transformation, emphasizing
digitalization, efficiency, and service orientation.

Sudhir Kumar

Head of Payroll

Nokia Business Services

Sridhar Srikrishna

Experienced Program Director Corporate Transformation

SAP Services S.R.O


Sridhar Srikrishna, also known as Sri, is a seasoned executive at SAP in Prague.
playing a pivotal role in corporate transformation. With over 23 years of experience,
he holds a postgraduate degree in HR management and a bachelor’s degree in
commerce.  Specializing in program and project management, change
management, and C-level consulting, he has led over 18 global SAP
implementations.  Focused on digital transformation, he drives strategic initiatives for
SAP’s CEO and COO, automating cloud business end-to-end and deploying Agile
methodologies globally.  His expertise spans ERP solution implementations for
Fortune 500 companies across diverse sectors.


Tim Palmer currently serves as the Head of Business Transformation & CX at Insulet,
the makers of Omnipod, a wearable insulin management system. He is instrumental
in building a new GBS organization for the company. With over 30 years of
experience as a GBS leader, outsourcer, and advisor across Europe, Tim recently
spearheaded the development of a life sciences service organization at Novartis,
comprising 3,500 personnel. Renowned for his expertise in crafting industry-leading
consulting and outsourcing ventures, Tim harbors a profound interest in optimizing
GBS operating models and perpetually explores cutting-edge practices to enhance
their efficacy. He is also a prolific writer and speaker on edgy GBS methodologies.

Tim Palmer

Head of Business Transformation & CX


Jakub Vetrovec

Change Management Leader



Jakub Vertovec is the Change Management Team Lead at Schaeffler Automotive
Aftermarket Europe, specializing in digital transformation. With extensive experience
in change initiatives across the UK and India, he focuses on robust program and
portfolio management practices. Co-founder of the Czech and Slovak Change
Management Institute chapters, Jakub is dedicated to nurturing change management professionals. Committed to impactful transformations and fostering
continuous improvement, he supports development and excellence in the field.


Zigomar Abel, a dynamic senior manager at adidas in Porto, Portugal, brings over
two decades of expertise in global business services, consulting, and IT. Leading GBS
PMO Incubators, he drives innovation and strategic foresight, overseeing
transformation projects aligned with organizational goals. Certified as a PMP and
PMO-Certified Practitioner, Zigomar ensures operational excellence and innovation
across diverse initiatives. His visionary leadership shapes adidas’ future, navigating
complexities with excellence. In the ever-evolving GBS landscape, Zigomar remains
instrumental, spearheading transformative projects and paving the path for
continued growth and success.

Zigomar Abel

GBS Strategy and Transformation Senior Manager